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Wakinyan Kinetics

Moving with Spirit

Keeping present that, developing the mind and body are equally important in our quest to tune in with spirit, Wakinyan Kinetics takes the approach of the perpetual student. Our practice is focused in the "let's all make it through" mindset - #BecomingTheOmega

To accept each other's different gifts as something worth bringing to the table will keep us in the path of permanent growth. By WE ARE ALL ONE!

About WK: Sobre mí


What is Wakinyan Kinetics?

WK is a training system based in body mobility and yoga with the purpose of optimizing mind and body performance. It is said that the body does what the mind says and, even as we agree with this, we also believe that  the body and the more spiritual levels of the mind should be trained to feel to effectively feed the mind with first hand information of what to work with and how.

Who can practice WK?

- The everyday individual looking for overall well being

- People looking to improve body mobility and emotion    management for sports

- Athletes in high impact sports looking to keep longevity in sports

- The curious

About WK: Preguntas frecuentes
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